Plastisol Transfer Plastisol Transfer

Whether finely-detailed or large motifs, monochromatic logos or halftone printing: Our Plastisol transfers are suited for printing on all textiles, whether cotton, blended fabrics or nylon. These transfers are printed with help of quality Wilflex inks which dry at high temperatures and provide our transfers colour stability, resistance against abrasion and fading caused by washing. </br>We offer two formats which can be filled by any method; you can combine several motifs on one sheet. In addition, we offer a large format 33*48 cm intended for oversized artworks that would not fit on our standard sheet formats. Last option is printing designs depending on their measurements, in this case we do not count sheets but only square centimetres and amount. For these transfers we have a special price list.

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Blockout Transfer Blockout Transfer

Blockout transfers can be used everywhere where there is a need to prevent the penetration of the colours from the textile into the heat transfer. These transfers, too, are printed with the aid of Wilflex inks utilizing screen printing. Furthermore, a special ink blocking possible chemical reaction with the medium is added to the last layer and merged with glue. This method is very effective; however, due to constant development of new materials, testing on a sample is necessary before transfers are applied on all garments. Blockout layer is used to protect the transfer from harsh chemicals released from the fabric. Our Plastisol inks are opaque.

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Digital Transfer Digital Transfer

Digital transfer is a technology developed for printing rasterised photographs and small vector graphics with full colour tones or colour transitions. This technology has been adapted for transfer to both light and dark media. Transparent film enables the easy transfer of the motif to the material for printing. The long fixation time guarantees the washability and long life of the motif. It is not suitable for materials with a deep structure and flexibility. It is also possible to use glue resistant to temperatures of 60°C/90°C.

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Woven badges Woven badges

We are your producer of badges for military corps, fire brigades and police forces, sports clubs, schools, scouts or for your corporate projects. Woven badges are especially suitable for workwear of your staff due to their great durability and resistance to high-temperature washing. We manufacture badges and patches according to your design and requirements, exactly matching your needs - with fine details and high quality. Even the smallest details and contours in any form and type are feasible. Woven badges and labels can also be fitted with Velcro (Velcro ®). Essential to label assorted garments.