General Terms and Conditions


These General Terms and Conditions are binding. Any other arrangements outside the framework of the General Terms and Conditions are only possible with the express written agreement of the supplier.

All agreements between the client and the supplier must be in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions, the accepted purchase agreement and written confirmation of the order by the supplier.

An agreement is concluded with the completion of an order by the client on the supplier’s website, and its confirmation by email from the supplier.

Offer and agreement conclusion

Agreements become binding only after written or email confirmation. The supplier retains the right – in the event of doubt as to the creditworthiness of the client – to require payment in advance or reasonable assurance of payment before or after the conclusion of an agreement. Refusal of such conditions by the client entitles the supplier to withdraw from the agreement, while payment for already performed partial deliveries will become due immediately.

A charge will be made for later changes to an order by the client. The client must be informed in writing about all costs connected with such later changes. Later changes include a repeat of test prints that the client may request due to a minor deviation from the original model.

All source materials, designs, samples

Designs, text test, proofs, samples and similar preparatory work performed at the request of the client will be charged according to the current price list, which is available for download from the supplier’s website.

Materials and data acquired from the client that are essential for production will remain the property of the supplier and will be archived for 1 year.

Designs and print source materials will remain the property of the supplier and cannot be made accessible to third parties without the consent of the client. Projects are legally protected by copyright.

According to the rules, data files are stored for 1 year commencing on the date of the last delivery. After the expiration of this period all source materials may be destroyed. There is no entitlement to the archiving of files, and the supplier is not obliged to inform the client about the destruction of data.

Production is carried out in accordance with the client’s specifications. The supplier is not obliged to verify the correctness, suitability and purpose of orders.

The client is responsible for ensuring that the production of products according to provided data, graphics or samples does not violate any third-party rights. The client undertakes to pay any costs connected with a violation of third-party rights.

The supplier assumes no liability for errors overlooked by the client. This applies to changes performed according to the client’s wishes or due to necessary modification of the source materials and which the client approved by email. Changes made by telephone must also be confirmed by email.

Prices and payments

Unless agreed otherwise, the prices indicated in the price list on the supplier’s website are valid.
Payment of the purchase price must be performed based on an invoice or according to the conditions determined by the supplier.

Unless agreed otherwise, an order must be paid for within 14 days from the invoice issue date.

In the event of late payment, the supplier retains the right to charge default interest of 0.05% of the total invoiced amount for each day after the due date.
The goods remain the exclusive property of the supplier until the full payment of the invoice.

Delivery / Delivery date

Delivery dates will be met provided the correct source materials and clear specifications are delivered by the client.

Shipments are packaged by the supplier with due care. The supplier is only liable for gross negligence in the processing of orders. Goods are insured according to the applicable conditions of carriage of the transportation service. Supplementary insurance will only be arranged based on an express and written request from the client and must be paid for by the client.
The supplier is not liable for damage to or late delivery of a shipment. The transportation company assumes all liability at the moment it accepts the shipment.

The client may request delivery on a specific date. If the supplier is unable to comply with such delivery date due to capacity or other reasons, the supplier retains the right to reject such order.

Other legal claims and rights of the client arising from late deliveries remain unaffected.

Delivery dates or deadlines that were not expressly arranged as binding are always non-binding.

The supplier has the right to provide partial deliveries or the partial processing of an order after mutual written agreement between the client and the supplier.

Storage conditions

Transfers must be stored in a dry environment with constant temperature and humidity and no loading. Transfers must be used and ironed on at the latest within 1 year from the date of production. After this period, the supplier assumes no liability for problems connected with the late application of the transfers.

Retention of title

We retain the ownership of delivered goods until the full payment of all claims under the agreement.

The client must inform the supplier in writing without delay about any interference by third parties, in particular about restrictive measures, as well as about any further devaluation of its assets.
The client must pay damages and costs the supplier incurs through violation of this obligation and any necessary intervention measures against access by third parties.

If the client violates the agreement, in particular by not complying with its payment obligation despite a reminder from the supplier, the supplier will be entitled to withdraw from the agreement after providing a reasonable period for payment for the goods and may require the return of its products. The client will pay the related transport costs. The supplier is entitled to the return of the goods for recycling purposes. The supplier retains the right to require the payment of damages even after receiving the returned goods.

Warranty and warranty claims

The client must always indicate obvious defects in writing within one week from delivery of the goods using the form indicated on the supplier’s website. Otherwise no warranty claims can be recognised. Warranty claims are addressed immediately after the delivery of all the source materials from the client.

Technically conditioned colour deviations from the original, or colour maps, cannot be considered as defects. This also applies to comparisons between a test print and the source materials.

For thin lines, the supplier guarantees quality only if they are thicker than 0.7 mm. In cases when a line is less than 0.7 mm thick, the supplier assumes no liability for any problems connected with ironing and no warranty claim can be recognised.

If a warranty claim is valid, the client has the choice of repair of the goods, a discount, or the refund of the price of the goods. In the case of a refund for the goods (this however only applies to payment in advance or for goods already paid for), a credit note will be issued and the amount sent to the client’s bank account, but only after the supplier receives the defective products.

After receiving a damaged shipment, the recipient must make a written confirmation of this fact to the transportation company. Otherwise the client has no entitlement to a warranty claim.

The supplier assumes no liability for print data and original source materials that form an integral part of the client’s order.
The supplier also assumes no liability for the client’s materials that the client uses when ironing on the transfers and which contain additives of silicon and other fibres than cotton, and which can therefore result in the failure of the ironed-on transfers to adhere to such materials.


Printed materials and electronic publications are created based on the content requirements of the client. The supplier has no influence over the content. The client or a third party assumes liability towards the supplier for ensuring that it owns all the rights to use, provide access to and publish all the transmitted data (including text and images). In addition, the client guarantees that it will not violate any rights or copyright; furthermore, that through the production of printed or electronic publications it is not violating the law, and that the printed materials do not contain any anti-competitive content. If the client violates third-party rights, the supplier is unconditionally freed of any related liabilities.

Protection of personal data

The supplier is entitled to electronically store and further process data. The supplier undertakes to treat all personal information as confidential. The supplier is entitled to provide data about clients from contractual documents or that are essential for the performance of an agreement to third parties, yet only if this serves for the processing of an order. The applicable provisions on data protection are observed by the supplier.

Special arrangements

All disputes arising from the contractual relationship established between the supplier and the client will be decided on by a competent court of the Czech Republic according to valid legislation, while the parties – within the meaning of §89a of the Civil Procedure Code – stipulate the territorial jurisdiction of the first-instance court according to the registered office of the supplier at the time of the initiation of proceedings.


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