• mirrored
  • cotton
  • Pantone Solid U HKS K
  • paper - warm peel
    foil - hot peel
  • 40 °C
  • from 1 work day
  • 1 year

Whether finely-detailed or large motifs, monochromatic logos or halftone printing: Our Plastisol transfers are suited for printing on all textiles, whether cotton, blended fabrics or nylon. These transfers are printed with help of quality Wilflex inks which dry at high temperatures and provide our transfers colour stability, resistance against abrasion and fading caused by washing.

We offer three formats which can be filled by any method; you can combine several motifs on one sheet. In addition, we offer a large format 33*48 cm intended for oversized artworks that would not fit on our standard sheet formats. Last option is printing designs depending on their measurements, in this case we do not count sheets but only square centimetres and amount. For these transfers we have a special price list.


  • Format 1: 23 x 33 cm
  • Format 2: 28 x 41 cm
  • Format 3: 33 x 48 cm
  • Quantity: Minimum order 10 sheets
  • Number of colours: 1-10 colours
  • Colour tones: Pantone U / HKS K
  • Production time: As short as one work day
  • Instruction for ironing transfers
    Instruction for ironing transfers

Data Requirements

  • Attach data in vectors (PDF/X-, CDR, AI, or EPS)
  • JPG or GIF are considered previews
  • Add a preview to each ordered item
  • Artworks including white colour have to be placed on coloured background
  • Knock-out invisible parts of graphics
  • We need colour codes in Pantone Solid Uncoated, HKS codes are also acceptable
  • Neon colours 801 – 807 need a special white backing, these are two colour prints
  • We cannot guarantee continuity of lines and objects under 0.7 mm due to technology


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